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The ELC and Preschool Sleep Saga

Let's talk about the wild world of ELC and preschool sleep routines. You know, that rollercoaster ride where your little one's sleep patterns suddenly become as unpredictable as the weather forecast?!

two young children at daycare

Picture this, you've packed your kiddo's backpack, said your teary goodbyes, and off they go to preschool. But wait, what about their nap routine? It's totally normal to feel a bit anxious about how these new environments will affect your child's sleep. With different schedules and distractions, any nap routines you have in place can quickly descend into chaos....

The good news is that there are a few strategies and solutions you can put in place to ease this transition.

Communicate with Caregivers

First things first, become BFFs with your child's caregivers or teachers. Share your secret sleep insights, from favourite sleepy songs to the magic blanket that brings on the Zzzs.

Rise and Shine, Same Time Every Time

Consistency is and always will be the key. Set consistent wake-up and bedtime routines to help making the leap to preschool a little more predictable for your little one.

Add Their Favourite Sleep Buddies To Their Backpack

Send your kiddo off with their favorite sleep buddies. Whether it's Mr. Pinky or a smelly sleeping bag, these familiar faces can help to ease nap-time nerves.

Transition Tactics

Gradually introduce your little one to their new nap-time kingdom. Start with short visits, then conquer the full day. Remember, slow and steady wins the sleep race!

As with all baby and toddler milestones and transitions, remember that there are always a few days when things don't go to plan or there are some unplanned bumps in the road. Stay resilient and strong and things will eventually settle into routine.

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