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A sleep consultant playing with a baby on a rug

At Dreamy Babies, I give families personalised support to get good sleep. 

Regain your sense of self, advocate for your mental health, and improve the function of your family unit.

If you're struggling with your child's sleep, I'm here to help...

Donna from Dreamy Babies who is a sleep consultant

I know what it's like to be scrolling the internet at 2am searching for "how to get my baby to sleep" - Google is not your friend here. 

Not getting enough sleep affects the whole family function from how you parent, to how you show up as a partner, friend, family member and colleague.

With gentle sleep strategies to suit your child and your parenting style I can help your little one learn the skills they need to consolidate sleep, day and night.

Using a holistic approach to personalise your sleep support, we'll dive deeper into:

  • Feeding/solids

  • Current routine

  • Environment

  • Other caretakers (including ELEC)

  • Health history

  • Child temperament

  • Your parenting Style

  • Other siblings & commitments

Ready to make the change?


Donna xx

About Dreamy Babies

"Donna literally changed our lives. I was in a deep dark hole with a baby who hated naps, and refused to sleep at night. I was exhausted...we cannot thank you enough for all your help and guidance... it's hard to imagine what it used to be like"

Cara & baby Rowan 5 months

Want to get more sleep zzz?

Enquire Now and tell me whats going on.

Purchase your sleep support.

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