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The Virtual Overnight Consult is exactly that - I am with you every step of the way from 6pm-6am, guiding you through bedtime routine, and any re-settling overnight. Each time your child wakes overnight, dial me in via video-calling and I'll guide you through how to re-settle your child (if they're not due for a feed), right until morning time. 


Prior to the overnight consult, we complete a detailed Intake Questionnaire taking everything from feeding, routine, solids, naps, overnight, settling strategies, health history, child temperament and parenting style. From there I create you a personalised sleep plan including all areas above, which we go through in detail prior to the overnight consult. 


The Virtual Overnight Consult is perfect for those who may feel a little overwhelmed for the first few nights of implementing sleep strategies - think of it as having that cheerleader in your corner guiding you each step of the way on that first night!



Virtual Overnight Sleep Consult

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